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About Us

CMS Ravi agencies are the quality oriented roasted gram and split peas manufacturer and supplier in the domestic and global roasted gram industry. Our products are available in the whole sale and retail markets, our  assured quality terms with clear ethics in business is converting our entire efforts to great success to keep our customers more delightful.

We are procuring the raw material from the selected and authentic vendors, our products are natural and pure in quality and produced in our well modernized production plants which fully equipped with state of art advanced machineries; well experienced team is taking care of quality production inside the factory. Our technical experts keenly monitoring stringent quality control measures are followed in each production stages and our team vigilant in all stages from the raw materials and also that are connected with activities like process, end product inspection, packaging, stuffing and delivery.

Our first fried gram mill CMS Ravi Agencies proudly started in the year of 1995 by our Founder Sri. C.M.S.Ravindran and our second Fried gram mill Bala fried gram started in the year of 2000 and third roasted gram mill Lakshmi Food products started in the year of 2005. Behind our strength is Our Founder cum Chairman Sri C.M.S.Ravindran, who is well known personality, rich in experience and a philanthropist. He believes that quality, precision and dedicated workforce can deliver best of products in the world and ensures everybody in our group works towards that.

Our Managing Director Mr.C.M.S.R.Balaji also brings in rich expertise by combining both his academic and on-hand training in this field thereby fulfilling quality mission of this firm. We believe in cultivating strong business relationship with our customers and ensure satisfy all their demands at all times.

The other important reason of our exponential growth is our unflinching ability to deliver on time, every time, anywhere on the globe. On the grounds of our business ethics, number of our prestigious customer’s strength is increasing day by day. We have reached the fruitful success through our sheer dedication and involvement in our activities. Our sincere and loyal concern for guaranteed customer satisfaction keeps us hooked to basic business ethics.

Our Group Companies

CMS Ravi Agencies

CMS Ravi Agencies is our first fried gram mill and stared in the year of 1995. Since last two decades we are the best fried gram manufacturing company in the country and producing good quality Fried gram and Roasted gram. This unit is equipped with latest contamination sorting technology to remove foreign matters like stone, sand, stem, seed coat etc.

Our production capacity per day is 20 Tons and producing roasted gram and fried gram in various gauges. And our fried gram available in two forms, they are.


Bala Fried grams

Bala Fried grams are our second unit and started in the year of 2000 with the vision of meet out the domestic fried gram requirement by increasing the production capacity with state of art machineries. Here we are producing


In this mill production capacity per day is 25 Tons and working with efficient work force and experienced team. Through sheer dedication and involvement in our activities, our sincere and loyal concern for guaranteed customer satisfaction keeps us hooked to basic business ethics.

Lakshmi Foods

Lakshmi Foods has established in the year of 2005 with the vision of participating in the supply chain of exporting fried gram / roasted gram in to the global market. Today we are the authorized traders and exporter in the fried gram industry. We have made a continuous improvement in the trading of various genuine and trusted quality goods to meet the ever increasing market requirements. This company running smoothly and producing all kinds of fried gram related snacks at reasonable cost.


The other important reason of our exponential growth is our unflinching ability to deliver on time. Also production capacity per day in this plant is 30 Tons and entire production is fully produced with close monitoring of quality measures.

CMS Dippo

Our sales depot is available in the Madurai town and all our products can be procured from us by the end customers directly. This helps our customers free from agents and brokers, also all benefits will go to the customer directly. 

In Madurai town we are having two sales depots and from here entire C.M.S fried gram products are reaching to the local and international customers.

Founder / Chairman

Managing Director

CMS Ravi Agencies

Bala Friedgram

Lakshmi Foods

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