CMS Agro Foods, is a partnership firm derived from consolidatingthe existing 3 firms under the parent company CMS Ravi Agencies, which opened doors more than 20 years ago.At the core, the CMS group manufactures international quality roasted gram and split peas,which they supply to both the domestic and global market. Since our first mill was set up more than two decades agoin 1995, delivering superior quality products, backed by strong work and personal ethics has been the epicenterof our business. What began as a family venture holds true to family values and stringent quality control measures, making our customers content and satisfied

CMS Agro now produces,

  1. Roasted Gram - Split
  2. Roasted Gram –Whole without
  3. Roasted Gram –Whole with skin (salted)
  4. Chickpeas –Cleaned and Graded (different sizes)

CMS Agro Foods’ Timeline

1995 - 1st Roasted Gram Mill named CMS Ravi Agencies (40 Tons/dayCapacity)

2006 - 2nd Roasted Gram Mill named Bala Fried Gram (30Tons/day Capacity)

2008 - 3rd Roasted Gram Mill called Lakshmi Food Products (30 Tons/day Capacity)

2017 - Launching of CMS Agro Foods as a consolidate of the above existing firms.

The CMS Process

It starts at the very beginning, where we go through a rigourous screening process while selecting vendors for our raw materials. A triad of authentic and trusted raw material vendors, our very own in house state-of-the-art advanced machinery and an experienced team, make all our products pure and the best in industry standards. Throughout the factory, you will also find our technical experts vigilantly monitoring every single stage in theproduction; from raw materialsto manufacturingright up to the end product inspection, packaging, stuffing and delivery. This hands-on approach has been the cornerstone of the quality products we supply to both our wholesaler and retailers.

Our constant persistence to continuously deliverour product on time, no matterwhat,is another dynamic and important factor in our year on year growth. Customer satisfactionis the epitome of CMS Agro Foods and our strong and deeply rooted business ethics make sure of it 100% of the time. The substantial growth in our customer database, which is only increasing day by day, is proof of this.

CMS Depot- Our direct-to-customer sales depots,at threestrategic locations in Madurai, give maximum benefits directly to the consumer. Free from agents and any middleman, customers can now buy any CMS Agro product direct from us,at factory costs.Our depot is our starting point in the supply chain for all local and national orders too.

The People Behind The Gram

Founder & Chairman – The pillar of our mission, Sri C.M.S.Ravindran, had a vision to deliver nothing short of global standards when it came to roastedgrams.Known for his personality, his rich experience in the field and his philanthropies, he believes that quality, precision and a dedicated workforce can deliver the best products in the world. He ensures that everybody in our team aims and strivestowards thattoo. Managing Director – The next generation in the business, Managing Director, Mr.C.M.S.R.Balaji brings with him a fresh perspective,rich in expertise,both academic and hands-to-the-ground training in thefield. Aiming towards the same mission of the firm to deliver quality every single time, he also believes in cultivating strong business relationships with our customers and vendors. This ensures that they are capable of fulfilling highdemands at all times.

Unparalleled Quality Assurance

We pride ourselves on the quality of our roastedgrams. To further our quality assurance we are also

  • FSSAI Certified
  • Halal Certified
  • SGS Lab Certified

This not only assures that our end product is at par with global standards but also ensures that our production processis the best in the industry. All our factories are hands free zones wherein all processes are automated and there is no possibility of contamination. Our factories are equipped with

  • Cutting-edge contamination sorting technology to remove foreign matters like stone, sand, stem, seed coat etc.and remove broken and insect bites, damaged rain seeds
  • Pre –Cleaner
  • Grader
  • Gravity separator
  • De-stoner

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